Republicans, Democrats, and city leaders all agree: Issue 10 is good for Grove City. See what people around town have to say.

“Issue 10 presents a unique opportunity for Grove City to set a path toward a sustainable future both environmentally and economically. Electric aggregation will allow us to create much-needed clean energy infrastructure in Ohio without relying on power from other states.” — Richard “Ike” Stage

“Aggregation ensures a larger pool of residents to lower costs. Individuals can still choose their own supplier, but aggregation
allows us to reduce monthly energy bills. By negotiating to build solar, wind or other renewable power sources, we clean up the air and take the equivalent of 15,000 cars off the road annually. In the end we will have an Ohio supplier, built with Ohio jobs and be at the forefront of America’s transition to cleaner energy.” — Ted Berry

“Grove City is already leading in green initiatives from recycling to EV chargers to EcoFest. By voting “Yes” on Issue 10, we have the opportunity to solidify our standing as an innovative, sustainable place to live, work, and play. Also, the cost savings generated by the switch to green energy aggregation will put more money back in residents’ and business owners’ pockets at the end of the month — something we could all use a little more of right now.” — Alyssa Chenault

“I am excited to help position Grove City at the forefront of a green energy community. I am especially happy the cost of green energy will be comparable to that of fossil fuels. Please support Issue 10 and move Clean Energy forward in Grove City.” — Randy Holt

“I am enthusiastic to vote for Issue 10 because it is a win-win for taxpayers. It is all about choice. We have the choice as a community to have lower energy bills, which will have a by-product of a cleaner energy economy and jobs. Or, we have the choice to maintain the same energy plan we have now. Give us a choice and vote yes on 10!” — David Donofrio

“Community Choice Aggregation would save money, create jobs, clean the grid, improve public health, and significantly reduce our carbon emissions. It’s very rare that one initiative can do so many things, but Issue 10 would do that for Grove City. This could be a win-win-win for workers, business, and the environment.” — Cathy Cowan Becker

“I want to live in a forward-thinking community that values our environment. The time is right for Grove City to become a leader among the suburbs in central Ohio. To be able to negotiate for better rates while decreasing carbon emissions is truly a wonderful option for all of our citizens. Issue 10 is a win-win.” — Mary Mynatt

“The time to embrace renewable energy for Grove City has come. We can once again be ahead of the crowd and become Central Ohio’s epicenter for engineers, technicians and scientists to build the energy of the future and to live in a community that supports renewable energy.” — Chris Moscato

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