Sun Structures, Fryer Park, Grove City.

Clean energy is on the ballot in Grove City! This November, voters in the largest and fastest-growing suburb in Central Ohio will decide on Issue 10, an initiative to enact Community Choice Aggregation for 100% renewable energy.

If approved, Issue 10 would allow the city to negotiate electricity rates on behalf of eligible residents and businesses. More than 300 other local communities in Ohio have aggregated their electricity supply, obtaining low bulk purchase rates for those who choose to participate without raising taxes or utility bills.

But there’s more. Through Community Choice Aggregation, the city can leverage the electricity demand of its residents and businesses to contract with a utility ready to build out a supply of 100% renewable energy, creating good-paying jobs in manufacturing, construction, and maintenance right here in Ohio.

Issue 10 gives us the choice to save money, create jobs, lower pollution, and invest in our own community — all in one program. And anyone who doesn’t want to participate can opt out at any time with no penalties or fees.

What People Say

“As the sponsor of the legislation that put this on the ballot, I support it 100%. This issue gives Grove City residents the option of using 100% sustainable energy. Join me in allowing residents the OPTION of using clean energy. I care about our environment. I hope you do as well. Together we can make a difference for the future.”

Ted Berry

“I have been leading a 100% clean energy campaign in Central Ohio for the past three years, and am thrilled to see Issue 10 reach the ballot. Community Choice Aggregation would save money, create jobs, clean the grid, improve public health, and significantly reduce our carbon emissions. It’s very rare that one initiative can do so many great things, but Issue 10 would do that for Grove City. Vote YES on Issue 10!”

Cathy Cowan Becker

“I want to live in a forward thinking community that values our environment. We can be a leader in Ohio by aggregating utility costs. Win win for everyone.”

Mary Mynatt

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